The Magic of Latex Mattresses and Pillows

Sep 28, 2017

No more nightmares about uncomfortable nights. Natural latex has your back. There are endless reasons why you should switch to mattresses, made from natural latex, safely tapped from rubber trees. Better sleep,  dust-mite free nights, enhanced  blood circulation, spinal support, body temperature control and, to top it all, it’s eco-friendly and scent free. So, sleep with a clear mind, for more reasons than one!

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What Your Mattress Is Desperate To Tell You

Aug 31, 2017

After spending six decades with mattresses, MM Foam has uncovered a few of their secrets. And we’re ready to spill the beans. Here’s what your mattress wants you to know:

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Mattress Bootcamp - Could your mattress survive these tests?

Aug 18, 2017

MM Foam Latex mattresses undergo stringent quality tests as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Spec.  IS 1741-1960.

Being a mattress is no easy job. You need to be able to perform under pressure, to stay strong for several years and also be very supportive. That’s why MM Foam has developed a strict testing process. We weed out the weaklings and make sure you only get the best mattresses.

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Mother Nature Needs A Rest.

Jul 5, 2017

While a few may dismiss global warming as ‘alternative fact’, many around the world are making the switch to green living. Eating organic food, living with a smaller carbon footprint and reducing water usage are some of the ways they do this. But did you know that you can save the planet while you sleep? All natural latex mattresses can cut down your carbon footprint, save money, and even save Mother Nature:

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Shed Your Cosy Monsoon Cocoon With These 7 Upbeat Tunes

Jun 21, 2017

On most days, youre ready for that morning alarm. The two of you have a clear, unspoken agreement. Alarm rings, youre fully charged and ready to seize the day. Our natural latex mattresses have that effect.

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It’s not how you sleep, it’s how you wake up.

May 31, 2017

Countless studies stress the benefits of getting 8 hours of sleep a night. We are said to be at optimum productivity, have more motivation and be happier when we sleep well. Sleep even has a significant impact on our memory and ability to learn new skills. There’s no getting past the fact that adequate sleep helps us perform better in every aspect of life, from trying to learn a new language or software to building better relationships.
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